Trafficked to Australia is an hour-long documentary that examines Australia’s involvement in the dark world of human trafficking.

The project was originally designed as an educational resource, developed by the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies at Australia’s Charles Sturt University to support its Human Trafficking course. As the first hand stories from survivors poured in, coupled with reports from world leading experts on the issue, it soon became evident that ‘Trafficked to Australia’ should be shared with a wider audience.

Audiences will join our hosts as they pull back the curtain that masks Australia’s involvement in human trafficking and modern day slavery. How prevalent is this crisis in Australia? Where do the victims come from and where do they end up? How do crime syndicates successfully traffic their victims? What can Australia do to stem the development of this heinous crime? Our presenters travel across Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific to seek answers to these questions.

Hear first-hand stories from trafficking survivors, from law enforcement and government bodies, from NGOs on the front line, and from the mouths of the perpetrators themselves.