Salt House Creative is affiliated with Chookas Kids, an established Talent Management Company. Chookas Kids is the Talent Management team specifically focused on Talent under 18.

We are a young, dynamic and all-encompassing talent management company, with many advantages over our competitors. The first advantage is our size and scope. Chookas Kids manages a very select number of actors including theatre, music theatre, voice and screen where relevant. We focus on development and are skilled in high end negotiations for major international roles.

We have three physical offices, in Sydney, Melbourne and LA. We also represent talent in Queensland, and we have actors living and working at various other locations around the world, including the US, Canada, England and New Zealand.

With one of the best staff-to-client ratios in the business, we are able to offer our talent more time and attention than is possible elsewhere. We value the uniqueness of each of our clients, and our help is tailored to each actor’s individual needs and ambitions.

As well as being highly skilled in talent management, our five staff members each brings additional expertise to the table, particularly in production and casting. So we understand very well what employers and their gatekeepers want, and how to influence them.

In fact, one of our greatest strengths is how we market and pitch our actors. We have a staff member who is dedicated to the task of getting our actors through the door for auditions, and casting directors tell us that we do that job better than any other agent in Australia.

We also engage and work closely with independent experts, such as our publicist, select photographers and filmmakers, to get the best results for our clients to ensure quality and the best value for money.

With our professional yet innovative approaches, we have gained the respect of all of the casting directors as well as the major production houses and theatre companies, and we regularly book actors for professional stage shows and practically every film and television series shooting in Australia.

Another one of our strengths is international markets, particularly the USA, Canada and England. We pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with the top agents and managers around the world, and securing for our actors the strongest international team possible to collaborate with.

In addition, and this we believe this is the clincher is our own production company, Ignite Pictures. Ignite Pictures produces television content and feature films for the international market, with numerous TV shows and feature films under our belt, plus a new TV series casting later this year. In fact, we are the only talent management company in Australia that produces international content. Producing content to the level we are has given our agency the ability to grow and, in return, raise our talent to greater heights. Our actors are given many more opportunities than other actors are, as many of them are cast in our projects. Plus, as we understand international markets better than most, and have unique relationships with many international movers and shakers, our superior knowledge and positioning within the industry is leveraged to benefit our actors. So if we were to boil it all down, the secret to our success, and by extension a big part of our actors’ success, is our proactivity.

Our willingness to go the extra mile, paired with our innovation and ability to move with the times, plus our ever expanding slate and international connections, makes us a smart choice for actors.

So as you can see we have the skills, knowledge, staff and facilities to guide parents and talent to the best of their abilities. We work within all child employment laws and Child Guardianship guidelines.